Lightridge Sports Scores
  • Apr 9 / Varsity Girls LacrosseLightridge - 17, Broad Run - 1
  • Apr 9 / JV Girls LacrosseLightridge - 12, Broad Run - 2
  • Apr 8 / Varsity Girls TennisLightridge - 2, Riverside - 7
  • Apr 8 / Varsity Boys TennisLightridge - 1, Riverside - 8
  • Apr 8 / JV Boys SoccerLightridge - 3, Stone Bridge - 0
  • Apr 8 / Varsity Boys SoccerLightridge - 3, Stone Bridge - 0
  • Apr 8 / Varsity BaseballLightridge - 5, Stone Bridge - 6
  • Apr 8 / Varsity SoftballLightridge - 3, Stone Bridge - 0
  • Apr 8 / JV BaseballLightridge - 1, Stone Bridge - 7
  • Apr 8 / JV SoftballLightridge - 1, Stone Bridge - 6

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Lightridge News

Lightridge News

Teachers on the Street: Crazy student comments

Amber Baptista and Jessica Abuya March 22, 2024

We asked teachers about the craziest things students have ever said to them.

Twenty Questions with Rhapsody Barbrow

Amber Baptista and Kailani Marantan March 22, 2024

Lightridge News reporter Amber Baptista sat down with History Department Chair and SCA sponsor Rhapsody Barbrow for twenty questions.

Staff on the Street: New faculty interviews

Jessica Abuya, Sara Yusuf, and Kailani Marantan October 17, 2023

Lightridge added forty new teachers to the staff for the 2023-24 school year. interviewed some of these new faculty members.

Student on the Street- Teachers Gone Wild

Amber Baptista and Ashlynn Cherian April 19, 2023 asked faculty and staff about their regrets from high school or about something they did in high school that they never told their parents.

Student on the Street- Unpopular Opinions

Amber Baptista, Staff Writer April 19, 2023 asked students and staff about their unpopular opinions.

Student on the Street- Women’s History Month Trivia

Tessa Mlaker April 17, 2023

In honor of Women's History month, asked students a variety of Women's History questions.

Lightridge Fits

Sabry Tate and Nora Bader March 1, 2023 talks to students about what they are wearing and why.

Student on the Street- Black History Trivia

Amber Baptista, Sabry Tate, and Kate Liesemer February 24, 2023

In honor of Black History Month, asked students and staff a series of Black History trivia.

High school expectations vs. reality: We’re all in this together

Sabry Tate, Staff Writer February 15, 2023

How different is the actual high school experience as opposed to the way it is portrayed in television, movies and by word of mouth and urban legend?  We interviewed two freshmen and two seniors to...

Student on the Street- Playlists in a bottle

Lalitha Aravind, Sara Yusuf, and Jessica Abuya January 30, 2023

New year, new you.  By the time you reach 2024, your taste in music will have probably changed. Next year, you can look back at your 2023 music taste with the help of Spotify, the most popular music...

Lightridge High School celebrates Homecoming with parade

Lightridge Staff October 20, 2022

Lightridge News coverage of the 2022 Lightridge Homecoming Parade.

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