Lightridge Sports Scores
  • May 16 / Varsity Girls TennisLightridge - 1, Riverside - 5
  • May 16 / Varsity Girls SoccerLightridge - 3, Briar Woods - 4
  • May 16 / Varsity BaseballLightridge - 13, Riverside - 1
  • May 16 / Varsity SoftballLightridge - 3, Independence - 5
  • May 15 / Varsity Girls LacrosseLightridge - 12, Independence - 7
  • May 15 / Varsity Boys LacrosseLightridge - 5, Stone Bridge - 13
  • May 13 / Varsity Boys TennisLightridge - 3, Independence - 5
  • May 13 / Varsity Boys SoccerLightridge - 1, Stone Bridge - 2
  • May 9 / JV Boys SoccerLightridge - 1, Potomac Falls - 0
  • May 9 / JV Girls LacrosseLightridge - 3, Potomac Falls - 1

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Lightridge News

Lightridge News

 Katie Nutt, LeAnne Howard, Torrey E. Taussig talk to local high school students at the NATO focused  Black Professionals in International Affairs event.  Photo courtesy of the Black Professionals in International Affairs.

Students meet with NATO officials

Sabry Tate, Managing Editor June 11, 2024

Last month Lightridge students joined high school students from all around Northern Virginia got the opportunity to meet people whose work involves the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The event...

Firehazard and  Clavé! are the two founding members of the slung rap group Population Control.

Population Control’s numbers are booming

Isaac Kilmer, Staff Writer April 23, 2024

“I used to record with the free mic that came with a Playstation and my school Chromebook”, said senior Diego Siri, when asked about his early attempts at making music. Since then Siri, known professionally...

This coveted music award isnt always without  controversy. 
Graphic courtesy of The Recording Academy.

Lightridge corrects the Grammy record

Aanya Dhannapuneni, Staff Writer April 1, 2024

The 66th Annual Grammy Awards took place on February 4, 2024. The Grammys are a prestigious music awards ceremony that recognizes the best artists, compositions, and recordings. Grammy Awards are presented...

2024 Super Bowl Halftime performer Usher, pictured here at the 2016 Cannes film festival.  Photo provided with permission via Creative Commons License.

Usher scores big during Super Bowl halftime show

Sabry Tate, Managing Editor March 22, 2024

The 58th Super Bowl took place in Las Vegas on February 11. While the Super Bowl is officially a football game, many viewers only tune in during halftime for what has become an increasingly elaborate musical...

 Pranjal Jha, Mihira Nagireddy, Samhita Maddikunta, Sahana Iyer, Riya Jayashankar, and Sravani Mogali, perform at Boltfest.

Team Agni takes the stage for their second year

Kailani Marantan, Staff Writer February 21, 2024

As the school day comes to an end, the nineteen members of the Team Agni, Lightridge's South Asian Dance Team, rush to the cafeteria to begin their practice. They roll out mats, stretch and converse, until...

Dr. Felecia Lewis at five years old and ready to work.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Lewis.

Meet the APs: Felecia Lewis

Shreyani Giri, Staff Writer February 5, 2024

On September 11, 2001, New York was targeted by terrorist group Al-Qaeda, and millions of people watched in horror as hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center, causing their collapse. Felecia...

Miles Lipscomb, Brittany DelSignori talk with Jason White in between classes.  White is not only the head of the department where Lipscomb and DelSignori work, but also taught them when they were in high school.

Jason White’s legacy of learning

Sara Yusuf, Staff Writer January 26, 2024

Over his thirty year teaching career Jason White, the Head of the Lightridge English Department, has had some terrible classes. One particular group of troublemakers stands out. “ The people in that...

The Sony Pictures release Anyone But You is both a hot at the box office and a hit with Lightridge students.  Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures.

Rom-Com “Anyone But You” is a total crowd pleaser

Reese Hwang and Cambria Riggs January 24, 2024

In Sony Pictures’ romantic comedy “Anyone But You,” Beatrice and Ben realize they have an instant connection on their first date but their outing ends badly. After fate brings them together for a...

After being named the 2021 Loudoun County Teacher of the Year, Dr. Kimberly Jackson moved to Lightridge as an Assistant Principal.

Meet the APs: Kimberly Jackson

Shreyani Giri, Staff Writer December 13, 2023

In college, Lightridge Assistant Principal Dr. Kimberly Jackson took on the job of mushroom picking, an occupation that was not for the weak. Jackson and her co-workers would be transported inside mines...

Assistant Principal Jeremy Cortash stands at the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire.  Photo provided by  Cortash.

Meet the APs: Jeremy Cortash

Isaac Kilmer, Staff Writer November 27, 2023

“When we first came in and walked the building, the floors were just mud,” said Lightridge assistant Principal and founding faculty member Jeremy Cortash, regarding the state of the school the first...

Assistant Principal Sundaram Thirukkurungudi shows off  his many awards and some souvenirs  from his boxing career.

Meet the APs: Sundaram Thirukkurungudi

Isaac Kilmer, Staff Writer November 20, 2023

Sundaram Thirukkurungudi, better known by his nickname, Mr. T, is well known for his appearances in Lightridge pop culture. There is a Mr. T fan account on Instagram and Mr. T-shirts sold as part of...

A young woman in a read and white polka dot dress poses holding a rose.

“Bye Bye Birdie” actress Lily Selvaraj on why representation matters

Oluwatoni Ikhile, Staff Writer March 29, 2023

“I like to say I was cheerleader number 37,” says senior Lily Selvaraj, recollecting her first musical stage role. “It was in High School Musical, Jr. edition, performed at Mercer Middle School...

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